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Center Chamber

Echoes in a chamber are heardonly when given the space to reverberate,the time to develop,the pause to listen. Each heart is a labyrinth.I spend much time padding through the tunnels:inviting, lined with ornate diversions(they look an awful lot like Truth). I’ve only caught a glimpse of the chamber at the center.I heard a reverberation once,Continue reading “Center Chamber”

Chasm < Respite

How often do I scramble wordsto try to find a key.“Keep looking, and go further,”my conscience says a plea. I strive to answer what is lost,or what could never be;yet every time an answer comes,I struggle to unsee. What is flesh is fallible;I oftentimes forget.“I could never seek to know,”Doubt sings as a quartet. HowContinue reading “Chasm < Respite”

On Companionship

Friendships built on pretensenever can withstandall life has to show you:“Here’s my outstretched hand.” I look and find a few, yet often feel alone.When others do not surface,those remaining are shown. Am I comfortable alone?Am I content with the grace of One? Cast your eyes above,for life can’t always tell.Through trials we are forgedto serveContinue reading “On Companionship”


Resplendence asks to rise above the ashes And know that I am still. Though, when in beat, I knew it not, Lest glory be unveiled. I toil and I tarry: how, too, could I be freed? In service to these shackles, I offer rats and trees. (They smell not of the Victor, He brings meContinue reading “Resplendence”