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A Catalogue of Musings

Latest from the Blog

Center Chamber

Echoes in a chamber are heardonly when given the space to reverberate,the time to develop,the pause to listen. Each heart is a labyrinth.I spend much time padding through the tunnels:inviting, lined with ornate diversions(they look an awful lot like Truth). I’ve only caught a glimpse of the chamber at the center.I heard a reverberation once,…

Contrasting Features

Common bookhard-pressedto find my name. Too vehement,too zealous,too worldly,too common. Always juxtaposed,always parallel. If “nothing” is the answer,what story should I tell?

Chasm < Respite

How often do I scramble wordsto try to find a key.”Keep looking, and go further,”my conscience says a plea. I strive to answer what is lost,or what could never be;yet every time an answer comes,I struggle to unsee. What is flesh is fallible;I oftentimes forget.”I could never seek to know,”Doubt sings as a quartet. How…

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